New Cryptoart – Bitcoin Obituaries

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Bitcoin Obituaries – Bitcoin has “died” hundreds of times.  Bitcoin has been called a scam, a con, a ponzi, a pyramid, too inefficient, and too volatile.   On top of all the FUD, critics have cheered that if Bitcoin becomes too popular, governments will attack it. Yet for some reason, adoption, usage and the price continue to grow.  Bitcoin, the honey badger of money, lives and has thrived under constant attack.  That’s because, it’s a concept that recognizes the inalienable right to store and transact value.  Attack it, and it will use code and math to fork into something better and stronger!

Edition Count:  40 (30 small, 7 medium, 3 large)

You can view the timelapse of it’s creation on Youtube, or subscribe to our channel.

We’ve added a new Cryptoart piece! Cryptoart is happy to add a new edition by artist Alix Branwyn.