Cryptoart version one is a fine art collectible that literally combines art, blockchain, and money.  Each piece is a hand-assembled limited edition giclée print with the unique ability to store digital currency like Bitcoin.  Yes, it’s a little nerdy, but still a fun cold storage solution for crypto.  We sold over 4,000 of these pieces on our website, at crypto conventions, and in partnership promotions.   These piece did not initially come with an NFT, but if you have one, you can claim the NFT here.

We start this phase by pausing sales on our website while expanding tech and community management staff.  We launch the contract that manages our NFTs, we allow existing collectors to claim their NFTs, and we drop remaining inventory as NFTs available for mint. We also plan to burn 500 NFTs.  Lot’s of behind the scenes work in this phase.

Here’s where things get fun again. In phase 3 we will Introduce an updated form factor to Cryptoart along with resumption of sales on our website. This phase marks a new way of collecting art: NFTs that can be turned into physical prints, and physical prints that can be turned back into NFTs.  Much like Cryptoart V1 can store crypto, V2 embends a code to unlock an NFT. Retreiving the NFT will make the art print unsuitable for display.  Fear not, the NFT can be converted back to physical form at

Gone are the days of photographing, uploading, packaging, and shipping limited edition art to a new buyer.  To sell your physical Cryptoart, simply scan a code and drop it on any NFT marketplace.  At any time, a new owner can burn the NFT to have the same numbered edition shipped to them.

Now that we’ve based ownership on NFTs, we can really have fun.   Expect new art from new artists.  We’ll keep the edition count small and we’ll offer incentives to burn existing NFTs to buy new NFTs.  This is all an experiment.


Troy Fearnow

Mark Becker

Technology Partner

Community Management

Tim Cotten
Technology Advisor