Meanwhile…. at Comicpalooza!

Here are a few pics from our exhibit at Comicpolooza. Anecdotally, we found about 20% of the people had familiarity with Bitcoin. Familiarity in this case refers to only hearing the term and knowing that it is a currency, but not understanding how it worked. At our SXSW exhibit, those numbers were up around 90%. The inverse was true (only 10%) at a pop-up gallery we did in Memorial City Mall in Houston last month. Oddly, we counted 6 people over a four day period that had heard of DOGE but not Bitcoin — most were younger.

Lots of interesting Bitcoin stories out there. Stories of lost Bitcoin, missed opportunity, and unknown efforts that don’t make the Reddit/Bitcointalk forums. We talked to a guy that claimed he’s raising money on a private placement to add 100 Petahashes to the network!

We sold about 80 pieces of Cryptoart at this event. That’s not huge, but it is growing. We had two repeat customers. One person went home and researched Bitcoin and made a purchase on the last day. — That feels nice.

From a retailer on the front lines– the movement is growing, but it is still very early days.










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