Cryptoart is evolving!

Cryptoart has been selling art that incorporates blockchain tech since 2013.  Over the years, we’ve sold physical art through our website and at live events and conferences around the world.  Like most physical art, the friction associated with secondary sales limits the potential for a true, liquid aftermarket to develop.  NFTs fix this.  They represent a new chapter for collecting art and price discovery, particularly in the format of limited edition prints.

Soon the art you buy on will be form-agnostic.  The art will have the ability to move on and off blockchains, in and out of physical form, and around the Metaverse (whatever that may become).  As a physical print, Cryptoart can be framed and enjoyed like any other art piece.  As an NFT, it can be traded in a marketplace, stored on your phone, or displayed as your Twitter profile.

Before we get there, we need to pause the ability to purchase art via the website.  Our next step is to drop what we have left (along with a few surprises) as NFTs.  Existing collectors will have a path to claim the NFTs for their prints.  We’ll also drop a roadmap soon. Hang tight for a bit longer, and thank you for the patience! –Troy Fearnow