Happy Halving 2020! We give you “The Tinkerer”

Long gone are the days when the average crypto enthusiast could build a bitcoin mining rig to reliably earn profit.  At the dawn of the 2020 Bitcoin halving, The Tinkerer recognizes the venturer that excels in the fiercely competitive Bitcoin mining industry.  Miners must be technically minded business operators with the ability to master rolling capital and operating expenditures – all while hedging for price volatility. Even if you master all these skills, don’t expect to be well liked.  Environmentalists don’t like you, taxing authorities don’t like you, and even the crypto community itself distrusts you.  Regardless of how you feel about Bitcoin miners, proof of work is still the most secure consensus mechanism.  In spite of two previous mining reward halvings, miners have managed to increase the hash rate and security of the Bitcoin network.

Artist: Katina Peeva
Title: The Tinkerer
Currency: Bitcoin

Edition Count:  135 (100 small, 30 medium, 5 large)