News Release – Cryptoart Publishes Fine Art Paper Wallets for Bitcoin

Cryptoart Publishes Fine Art Paper Wallets for Bitcoin

The Woodlands, TX — Every great movement has been reflected in the work of artists. Cryptoart is ensuring that Bitcoin will not be the exception. Cryptoart seeks artists to comment on the movement by contributing to a new physical form of Bitcoin; Bitcoin as fine art.

Fine art paper wallets

Cryptocurrency is valuable. As such, Bitcoiners have long been storing their coins offline to safely guard against hackers. Commonly referred to as “paper wallets”, these pieces of paper are usually hidden away for safe keeping.  In a new twist, Cryptoart makes the wallet itself valuable media that can be collected and enjoyed.  Cryptoart wallets are published as a limited edition fine art print. The front of each print bares a QR code with a public Bitcoin address to check the coin balance or to load coins.  On the back, the private key is concealed by a removable security sticker. Cryptoart prints are trustless, which means the Bitcoin address and private key can be interchanged without damaging the art piece.


Cryptoart debuts with Ukrainian artist Alexander Fedosov. Fedosov has mastered the art of hyperrealism illustration. The degree of detail and symbolic elements of his works are sure to keep your eye busy. The Company says more artists will follow.

Additional Information

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