You have the right to reprint and replace your Cryptoart.

We’ve given a lot of care and thought into the materials used to create Cryptoart. The smaller “crypto certificate” editions use a Photorag Pearl. It’s 100% cotton paper, but it has a semi-gloss coating. This makes it more durable and suitable for handling and trading. The larger prints use a German Etching that is more delicate and is intended to be framed and not handled.

Regardless of media quality, fine art prints can be easily damaged. Even ambient environment can change a giclee print over time. To counter this, we offer replacement prints. For whatever reason, we will reprint and send you a new Cryptoart piece (with the same edition number), for a nominal reprint fee:

Reprint fees (subject to change):

Crypto certificates: $35
Medium prints: $95
Large prints: $120


Any limitations?

Yes.  We require a “proof of burn” and a visible edition number on your existing Cryptoart piece.   If your piece is lost or stolen, we will not replace it. Contact us for more details.